Edition II: What Sales Professionals and Recruiters can learn from one another

Posted on Jul 10, 2009

By Dan Hughes – Chief Sales Officer, Broadlook

In October, we featured a discussion of best practices from both sales professionals and recruiters. By learning from and adopting the mind sets behind these practices, either profession can reap significant improvements in their results. For November, we will dive into two more key areas where recruiters and sales can learn from one another.

Observation: Gold is found below the surface– a best practice from Recruiters

Recruiters understand the value of research. In the process of sourcing candidate, they understand that the best information – the pieces that give you an edge on the competition – is typically not found on the surface. They know that if you are using a search engine to find information, the most highly ranked results may only mean something is popular, not valuable.

In sales, spending time to find the nuggets of gold (information) that are below the surface can give you the edge. Simply going to a few surface pages on a company’s website or looking at the first ten results from a search engine will not necessarily bring you the information that you need to successfully execute a sales effort. (Click on link to read more)

Observation: To find your way, you need a map – a best practice from Sales

In the world of large, complex organizations, sales have learned that you need to map out the organization and understand relationships (i.e. influencer, decision maker, administrator, etc) and that this is more important that a specific title or role. As you understand the lay of the land, you can be much more effective in getting your goal accomplished.

In the world of recruiting, if you want to find and contact the best passive candidates, you need to map out the organization. Knowing the title of the type of person you need is helpful, but the best person may not have the title you expect. By mapping out an organization, having multiple points of contact, you will be able to find and connect with the best passive candidates.

The Net: In the current market, if you are in sales, you need to get deeper information to get an edge. Taking a quick review of the website or the top Google results won’t give you the depth of insight you need. On the flips side, if you are in recruiting, getting to know the lay of the land will help you more quickly make the valuable connections you need to navigate your way to the best passive talent. For both, turning up to date information into knowledge is the key to accelerating your results.