ProfilerX – A Sales Person's Perspective

Posted on Jul 11, 2009

Having over 20 years of sales experience, I’ve always been searching for an easier way to find the information about a company or contact while going after that next big sale. I’ve used all the traditional data sources, lists and even searched the Internet for hours on end only to find that the information wasn’t correct, took forever to find or worst yet not where I was looking.

That’s all changed when I found Broadlook’s ProfilerX. This tool makes it easy to find what you looking for from both traditional data sources and the Internet. No more looking here and there or late nights searching the Internet only to come up empty handed. I just plug in the URLs for the companies I’m looking for information on and let it run. I don’t waste my time looking for data anymore; I spend it talking to the people that can place orders.

One major advantage is the fusion of both real time and traditional database sources. Having the ability to target by revenue, number of employees and industry has always been important. With ProfilerX, I can target prospects using any or all of these. With a few clicks, ProfilerX creates a comprehensive, up–to–date picture with detailed contact information. It brings back the best of both worlds, real–time and business data base information from Hoovers.

The net of my experience so far, ProfilerX saves me time, makes me more efficient and increases my hit rate exponentially. If you are in sales, marketing or business development you have got to see this revolutionary next generation prospecting tool.

Mike Pridavka – Founder Datasentials