Sales Advances! The 7 Keys for Communications That Will Get A Response

Posted on Jul 19, 2009

Sales Advances!  The 7 Keys for Communications That Will Get A Response

If you want to get advances in 9 out of 10 of your communications, it’s time to stop and take a look at the level of influence you are using.

Influence is the power to affect persons or events.  The bottom line is that if you want to get people to engage, you need to get their attention.  Below are the 7 keys to get attention and maximize your sphere of influence (SOI).

1)    Who Do You Know?  Before you create your e-mail or phone script, you need to know who you are trying to connect with.  Find out who are their peers.  At a minimum you need to have at least two of their peers as well as their phone numbers, e-mails, and any other venues of contacts you can gather.

2)    Is there a Hook?  To use a fishing term, you need to “hook” the person to grab their interest.  As you think about your subject line, it needs to stand out, to compel the person you want to influence to open your e-mail or to listen to what you are going to say.  Decide on a subject that contains something they have to have, or want to avoid in their business.

3)    Who Cares: You or Them?  Your message, whether an e-mail, a phone script, or a presentation needs to be focused on them, not you.  They don’t need to hear about how great you are, they need you to connect with a need they have.  If you can solve a problem they have, they will be interested in learning more.

4)    Will They Talk?  Bringing in spheres of influence:  carbon copying peers, naming them in your message, referencing them in your message, mentioning a competitive situation or a customer they may have are all ways that will stir conversation.  In e-mail and voice mail, the fact that your contacts peers are getting the same message will get then talking amongst themselves.

5)    Are you on Purpose?  We are all busy.  If you want to get an advance, you need to reveal the purpose or impact of your communication early.  Without a purpose or impact, you will be quickly dismissed.

6)    Are They Thirsty?  Especially with a letter or e-mail, you need to get interest and keep it so they will read further.  If you have ever eaten salty popcorn at a movie theater, you know if makes you long for something to drink?  The same should be true of your communication.  You want to make them thirsty, so they want more – sell them the soda.

7)    What’s Next?  If you have answered all the other questions, you now have interest, and have created influence.  To get an advance, you need to have a call to action that is clear and easy for the person you are contacting.  Whether it is a return call, and e-mail introduction, or to set a time to talk, it needs to be clear what is next.

Do you want to get 9 out of 10 advances?  Integrate the answers to the 7 key questions into your communications, and you will see a message impact in your ability to get you next advance.