Closing a Sale or Opening a Client?

Posted on Jul 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

By Dan Hughes CSO and Co-Founder of Broadlook Technologies “Closing the sale.”Where do we get this phrase?Or how did “I am about to close a big sale”, “When are you closing that deal?” or “Let’s review the pipeline to see what sales are closing this month” enter into common vernacular of the sales organization? Probably [...]

Are you Normal?

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By Donato Diorio, CEO of Broadlook Technologies Warning:  This Article is not for tech guys! Broadlook has just completed developing a new, revolutionary tool for any CRM user.  It is called CRMShield™.  CRMShield solves a serious issue faced by every business that uses a CRM: data duplication. CRMShield will be shipped in May and is [...]

To Add Value – Know what is Valuable

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By Dan Hughes, Co-Founder and CSO of Broadlook Technologies I just got back to the office from the American Association of Inside Sales Professional ( annual conference held in Minneapolis the week of May 10th.It is a good conference with a bright future attended by many professionals; executives, directors, managers and personnel who operate on [...]

The Due Diligence Differentiator

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By Dan Hughes Co-Founder and CSO of Broadlook Technologies I remember a favorite question my father asked:  Is the horse that wins 10X the prize money, 10x faster than the others?  Often times, the winning horse wins by only a nose. So the answer is “No”.  His lesson was that the winner only has to [...]

Who is afraid to swim in the deep end?

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By Dan Hughes (CSO for Broadlook Technologies) In my daily conversations with the best and brightest in sales, marketing, recruiting and sourcing, it is fascinating to see just how pleased some are with splashing around in the shallow end of the data pool. They seem satisfied with swimming in and amongst their CRM, and online [...]