Who is afraid to swim in the deep end?

Posted on Jul 9, 2010

By Dan Hughes (CSO for Broadlook Technologies)

In my daily conversations with the best and brightest in sales, marketing, recruiting and sourcing, it is fascinating to see just how pleased some are with splashing around in the shallow end of the data pool. They seem satisfied with swimming in and amongst their CRM, and online database or a high traffic active candidate job boards as the safe or easiest source for the information, fully aware that it may not be the best nor most updated data needed. The general feeling is the information they get, without a great deal of effort, is all that is needed to launch a successful email campaign, a compelling initial sales call or high touch recruiting call.

Perhaps so.

But not one person I speak with dispute that “knowing more” about a particular or set of contacts would have a positive impact on their marketing, sales or recruiting activities. Not one person disputes that having multiple points of contacts in a target prospect or major account will improve their results. Nor will anyone argue against the position that knowing more about a contacts personal interests and accomplishments will not only aid in the ability to engage but differentiate from the competition.

Unless someone does not have a computer or has been playing “Cast Away” with Tom Hanks since 2000, most all of the data sets, multiple points of contacts in target organizations, personal interests, accomplishments and more, are available within and throughout the Internet. Websites, backlinks, industry directories, social networks and search engines are home to just about everything a sales, marketing or recruiting professionals need to step up their game and impact their results.

I call this the deep end of the data pool; home to the company and contact information that can make a difference.

So why don’t more go swim into the deep end to get the information that can make all the difference in their e-marketing campaigns, their sales calls or their recruiting touches? Who is afraid to swim in the deep end?

Either people are afraid to go there or they don’t know where and how to look. It is my hope that it is the later. For those who do not know where or how best to research or source all of these real-time, dynamic Internet data sources, there is help. Broadlook has the best software applications, services and training to teach people who are brave enough to swim in the deep end, where to look and how to get the critical company and contact information quickly and effectively.

If you played games in the water as a kid, you know the most fun is in the deep end. For sales, marketing, and recruiting, it is where you can find the most up-to-date information and gain a time and information advantage over everyone else who is still playing in shallow waters.