Broadlook's Favorite iPad Apps for Business

Posted on Jul 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

iPads are ideal companions. Easier to navigate than the screens on smaller phones, yet still portable enough to carry almost everywhere. What apps will help you leverage this tool for business and productivity? Broadlook founder Donato Diorio carries his iPad with him everywhere. He recently shared his favorite Apps for business on Broadlook webinar. Check [...]

What do you plan to do with the second half of your life?

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Second half significance: what is it? Donny Howell, and members of the Halftime network invite professionals to transform their first half success into second half significance that creates an enduring impact on the world. HALFTIME Talent Solutions offers assistance in creating second half significance while enhancing faith-based nonprofit organizations ability to “accomplish daring Kingdom objectives.” [...]

Broadlook Enters the Attorney Data Market

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Imagine a database of 170,000 legal professionals complete with fresh and accurate contact information. Now image that it is complete with areas of practice, education data such as law school and graduation date, honors received. Don’t forget the undergrad school, year, degree and honors. We call it the Living List. “Living” because it is not [...]

Be Original, Think Original or Perish

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by Donato Diorio Remember the yuppie grad student in the movie Good Will Hunting? In the bar scene, Will Hunting, the main protagonist, puts him in his place. The guy had no original thought. None. On the surface, the grad student appears to speak with authority. In reality, he had no understanding of the topic. [...]

Broadlook Announces New Job Pulse Release

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Is your recruiting niche trending up or down? Not knowing this vital information leaves recruiters in a typical conundrum – measuring the effect rather than the cause. Without good metrics, you cannot proactively position yourself in the hottest markets. Working in the wrong market could mean no job orders, no placements, no sendouts, and eventually, [...]

Sales Guru Stunned by Broadlook’s Power to Generate Leads

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Not everyone in the sales industry can be rightly called a sales guru, but anyone that develops a technique successful enough to gain an impromptu meeting with one of the world’s most celebrated rock stars by shouting out to him in a crowded café qualifies in our book. According to the preface in Kraig Kleeman’s [...]

Be a Voicemail Genuis: Applying the concepts of deliberate practice.

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by Donato Diorio What is the secret to sales dominance? Yep, that’s right. Lots of practice. This bit of wisdom applies to every area of our lives – as most of us know by this point in our careers. Any real success has been the result of doing it over and over again. However, all [...]

Niche Company List Mastery. It's Easy!

Posted on Jul 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Having success using SIC and NAICS codes to target your market? Don’t worry, nobody else is either. SIC codes haven’t been updated in 25 years. (Yes, the same past 25 years that have seen fundamental shifts in business coupled with an explosion of new technologies.) NAICS codes, on the other hand, get updated every 5 [...]

Making American Dreams Come True

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Imagine a 13 year-old young lady with aspirations of being a professional cellist. After hearing her play, you know she has the chops for it. What steps would you recommend for her to achieve this dream? Most of us would suggest regular practice and a commitment to great grades so she could gain entry into [...]

Stunned by a 6 year old!

Posted on Jul 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

As a child, the world is mystery. That’s exciting!. Much has to be learned and remembered. When a child approaches a new task, they harbor no preconception of how to do it or what solutions are required – they go for it.They tackle it with an open mind.They figure out how to solve the problem [...]

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