Broadlook Announces New Job Pulse Release

Posted on Jul 19, 2012

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Is your recruiting niche trending up or down? Not knowing this vital information leaves recruiters in a typical conundrum – measuring the effect rather than the cause. Without good metrics, you cannot proactively position yourself in the hottest markets. Working in the wrong market could mean no job orders, no placements, no sendouts, and eventually, no business. Broadlook’s most recent Job Pulse release puts the power to ensure their own success directly in the hands of recruiters.

BIG DATA vs. Niche Analytics

Traditional providers of analytics fail to reach the level of specificity that recruiters require. For example, a big data company may offer analytics on the number of software developers in the Milwaukee market in the 50 to 80K range. Unfortunately, that is absolutely useless in the recruiting process. The only groups benefiting from that information are large companies looking to open a new plant – like Intel. Big data serves only that infinitesimal population – not recruiters.

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Niche analytics can start in one place only -with you and your specific needs. Broadlook’s most recent Job Pulse release provides a tool designed to give recruiters the power to track their own job market analytics. For example, what if I am NOT looking for all software developers – just those developing for the iPhone? I don’t want to track the entire software development market. The information I need will be buried in a general category. However, with Job Pulse 3.0, I can track my specific niche, iPhone developers, once a week for six weeks and then once a month after that – giving me the specific information I need to be successful in my business.

Never find out after the fact again. Tracking your market is now possible. Schedule a demonstration now.