Broadlook Enters the Attorney Data Market

Posted on Jul 19, 2012

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Imagine a database of 170,000 legal professionals complete with fresh and accurate contact information. Now image that it is complete with areas of practice, education data such as law school and graduation date, honors received. Don’t forget the undergrad school, year, degree and honors.

We call it the Living List. “Living” because it is not full of dead, Zombie data. (Dead but still walking around). Using Broadlook’s proprietary technology, the data is kept fresh. Other list providers may have a team of 30+ researchers continuously updating the list, but the process takes six months or longer! Contact information degrades at a rate of 4% a month. Useless, outdated and dead data stays in the list for months on end. Stop wasting time with Zombie Data.

The top 250 firms in the country completely update every 30 days and the entire list refreshes once per quarter. This ensures we have the freshest Living information available. Using innovative technology, backed up by human verification, our Living List guarantees better, fresher, more reliable data than anything else currently available.

Based on feedback from our users, our first foray into the list business is our Living List of Attorneys. We have captured the data on the top 1250 law firms in the country. Our unrivaled list offers a depth of information never before seen. Now you can go out and find multiple points of attorney information in a single search. A sampling of the information provided in the Broadlook Living List of Attorneys includes:

  • Name and contact information (including title, phone, email address).
  • All practice areas
  • Law school and graduation year
  • Honors earned
  • Undergrad degree and graduation year
  • Other advanced degrees earned

Recruiting and business that serve the legal market can now eliminate the need for costly, tedious research. Our Living List contains a wealth of information that would take a full team more than 60 days to complete.

We have multiple packages to meet client’s needs. Tier One data offers the top 250 firms, including the AmLaw 200, and completely refreshes every 30 days. Tier Two data covers firms ranging from 150 people to 30 people and updates every 60 days. The list can also be broken into geographic segments.

Want to work with living data? Schedule a Living List Demonstration.