Broadlook's Favorite iPad Apps for Business

Posted on Jul 21, 2012

iPads are ideal companions. Easier to navigate than the screens on smaller phones, yet still portable enough to carry almost everywhere. What apps will help you leverage this tool for business and productivity?

Broadlook founder Donato Diorio carries his iPad with him everywhere. He recently shared his favorite Apps for business on Broadlook webinar. Check out the list below. For more information on upcoming Broadlook webinars visit the Broadlook website.

Donato’s Favorite Apps

Evernote collects all your notes, photos, receipts and allows you to search through all of your notes. You can sync Evernote with the web and across devices making it easy to carry and find all of your notes. It helps Donato stay organized and keep track of all his new ideas.

You can read all the major file formats in GoodReader and with ease. The full screen viewing area and the pdf crop feature that removes annoying, large margins. Also annotate, highlight and collaborate inside documents. GoodReader also syncs files and manage your files.

While Evernote helps you keep track of all your files and notes you have typed in, sometimes what you need is an App that you can use for handwritten notes, sketches, or those “cocktail napkin” ideas.

Bring large files with you on the go and view them on-the-go and offline. Great for sharing larger files amongst your devices and with members of your work teams.

If you don’t like Dropbox for any reason try out SugarSync. Although it’s currently not as user friendly as Dropbox the application is evolving fast. I would say this is one to watch.

This version built to especially for the iPad. Great for anyone who works with companies overseas or that travels often.

There is nothing worse than opening up your desktop browser to find a huge list of waiting connections. The LinkedIn app for iPhone and iPad saves time by letting me update my network and keep my connections fresh on the go. Also, as the App evolves I am interested to see if it will let you know which of your connections are close by.

Air Display
You can use your iPad as an external monitor. Use it as a second or third monitor for extra screen real estate. A major benefit? Take your extra monitor with you as you head to meetings or wander the office. Show a team member something without asking them to come into your office.

This task list app does more than create task lists for your eyes only. You can actually share task lists with others. I use it with direct reports to keep tab on tasks they are working on and to give them a place to let me know what I need to work on.

A task management program that works well for technical teams or multi-member projects. It visually represents the project, keeps you up-to-date with team members and organizes everything along the way.

A spreadsheet app from iPad that gives you the ability to create spreadsheets on the go.

The best word processing software for a mobile devices. Create, edit and view documents wherever you are. You can save as a word doc and edit your documents.

This is my favorite presentation program and I love that I can take it on the go with the mobile app. Simple to use and I can edit my presentation up until the time I give the talk if I want to.

Quick Office
Create and edit all Microsoft office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Easy to use on the go. Great if your office primarily runs on Microsoft.

Find iPhone
I use this when I am traveling quite a bit. When out at a tradeshow and I have documents and materials everywhere this app comes in handy.

OnLive Desktop
Remote desktop App that allows you to take your computer with you.

Go to Meeting
Now you can join all of Broadlook’s webinars from wherever you are. The app works great and with it I have the freedom to be on the go but still connected.

ScanBiz Cards
My favorite business card scanner. You can scan the cards right on iPad or submit them for human transcription.

Alarm Clock HD
I don’t trust wake up calls when I am traveling because sometimes they never come. This simple alarm clock app has been a lifesaver multiple times.

LogmeIn Ignition
It’s expensive to be sure but the best app for remote access to your desktop, severs – anything you may need. It puts the whole office on your iPad.

Skip the gps for the rental car and get the TomTom app. It works as well, or better than, the rental car gps will and you can carry it with you anywhere.

Great to find out where to go in unfamiliar cities. I use this app to figure out the best places near my hotel or the convention center in whatever city I land in.

Live Chat
The live chat app lets you take your LiveChat account for your website with you so you never miss a chance to provide great customer support or miss a sales opportunity.

Contact Capture
Stop manually typing contact information on your iPad or iPhone. Capture it with a couple of taps and automatically adds it to your contacts. Completely free from Broadlook.

Broadlook Profiler
A mobile version of Broadlook’s Profiler. Pull real-time information on the go. I like to use it for networking so I can find out more about the people I am going to meet with and have something to talk with them about.

Mercury Browser
If you want to see the desktop version of a website instead of the mobile version pick up a copy of this app. It can disguise your browser as an Internet Explorer or Firefox. It supports tabbed browsing and works great.

One app type I recommend but have no specific app to select at this time is an app that works with Google Analytics. If you are in charge of your website or care about the performance of the website having an App that brings together all your Google Analytics data makes it easier to track website visitors and history – no matter where you are. If you have one that you like let us know in the comments!