Niche Company List Mastery. It's Easy!

Posted on Jul 8, 2012

Market Mapper Icon Having success using SIC and NAICS codes to target your market? Don’t worry, nobody else is either. SIC codes haven’t been updated in 25 years. (Yes, the same past 25 years that have seen fundamental shifts in business coupled with an explosion of new technologies.) NAICS codes, on the other hand, get updated every 5 years so you would think that relevant categories would be pulled. Unfortunately, looking at the new codes for 2012 would have you double checking to make sure you had pulled the right decade. Wait, make that century. New codes for 2012 include; Knit Fabric Mills, Curtain and Linen Mills, and Tobacco Manufacturing.

While it’s great that textile industries have a prominent place in the new codes, the fast-paced segmenting of technology is not represented at all. Nanotechnology, Software as a Service, Social Media, Search Engines, Organic Foods, Electric Cars, and so on – all missing! The 2012 NAICS codes are completely useless- unless you need to start a fire or prop up a wobbly table.

Market Mapper was born from the frustration of trying to dig valuable information out of these and other B2B information sources like ASP services or purchased lists. Broadlook founder and CEO Donato Diorio wanted to build targeted niche lists, track emerging companies in specific markets, and segment larger sectors or lists. No technology existed that could meet this need, so Donato built it.

Build Niche Lists No One Else Has

The best list is the one nobody else has. Market Mapper puts the power of list generation in your hands. Forget digging through irrelevant information. Target your specific niche markets. Simply start with a few example companies and a best keyword guess. Market Mapper scours the Internet and finds companies that match your parameters. Results get checked against the target company’s self-description on the “Home” or “About Us” pages to ensure you only get relevant results.

Be the First to Call

The list you build, you keep. It is your intellectual property that no one else has access to. Market Mapper will rerun your search on refresh cycle you choose – typically 30 or 90 days. Simply click “Keep Old Results” and Market Mapper highlights all new results. You will find companies as they emerge and you can literally be the first to reach out and build a relationship.

Superior Engagement

Sales and Marketing professionals know: the days of reaching out to broadly defined demographics are long gone. To stay competitive you have to get the attention of your targets by offering valuable content that is specific to their needs. Vague, unspecified information or irrelevant content is ignored. Market Mapper segments any existing list for you so you can engage with targeted, relevant information. Simply enter a list from places such as your CRM, a list vendor, or Broadlook and Market Mapper does the rest.