Sales Guru Stunned by Broadlook’s Power to Generate Leads

Posted on Jul 19, 2012

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Not everyone in the sales industry can be rightly called a sales guru, but anyone that develops a technique successful enough to gain an impromptu meeting with one of the world’s most celebrated rock stars by shouting out to him in a crowded café qualifies in our book.

 Kraig Kleeman

According to the preface in Kraig Kleeman’s 2008 book, The Must React System: A User’s Guide to Cold Calling, front-man for the rock band U2 and leading social change activist Bono simply wanted to enjoy a cold beverage and just “sit” for a few minutes – alone. Yet, determined as he was to protect his small amount of downtime and simply enjoy his cold drink and sandwich, Mr. Kleeman did what according to Bono “no other human being can do. He approached me during private time and gained an unsolicited, 45 minute meeting.”

In addition to befriending rock-stars, Kraig has also shared the stage with former President George W. Bush at the World Leader’s Forum in 2011, and is a sought after speaker at sales conferences, executive retreats, and motivational events. Kraig has also accepted an invitation to present on “Optimizing Prospecting to Drive Revenue” at the AA-ISP conference (American Association of Inside Sales Professionals) in April 2012.

Kraig’s status as a well-known authority in sales and lead generation prompted Broadlook co-founder Dan Hughes to reach out with an initial call. At first it seemed like just another sales call to Kraig, but as Dan described the technology, Kraig knew that he needed to see it in action.

In less than a week of using the Broadlook Suite, Kraig was hooked. “In a matter of months we grew our database using the Broadlook tools from about 30,000 names to approximately one million. All of them are prime targets for us to have opt into our newsletters or download our whitepapers. It has just been spectacular! We would have had to pay at least 10 employees for well over a year to achieve the same results manually.”

According to Kraig, implementation of the Broadlook Suite, especially Profiler and Eclipse, has radically increased our target universe, our conversion rate, and bottom-line revenue. Broadlook has also been, “The best support organization we have ever worked with,” said Kraig. “The support team is responsive and quick. It is just superb.”

The success Kraig and Blaire Group have had attracts many third party vendors, all of them asking for an endorsement from Blaire Group. However, Broadlook is the only product that Blaire Group openly endorses. “In fact,” shared Kraig, “I will probably end up giving Broadlook three or four shout-outs during my talk at the AA-ISPA conference simply because of the measurable impact the tools have had on my business”

About Blaire Group

Serving the B2B market, Blaire Group has worked with 1000’s of businesses to modernize their sales process. The Must-React System is the world’s leading selling methodology. “What we have found is that unsolicited calls that turn on the “value-proposition technique” other sales training companies teach blend in with all the other calls out there. According to the research done by Blaire Group it simply does not work. Instead of retooling the broken value-proposition approach we teach our clients a completely new way of getting a prospect’s attention – by leading with information relative to your target’s professional mandates, “ explains Kraig. The Must-React System is not based on speculation or wishful thinking. Instead, it has been built from the ground up based on scientific research. A quick look at Blaire Group’s website or Kraig’s personal LinkedIn page confirms that results from implementing The Must-React System have created an enthusiastic group of supporters.

For more information on Blaire Group and The Must React System please call (800) 654-7887, visit, or email Kraig at