What do you plan to do with the second half of your life?

Posted on Jul 19, 2012

 Donald Howell

Second half significance: what is it? Donny Howell, and members of the Halftime network invite professionals to transform their first half success into second half significance that creates an enduring impact on the world. HALFTIME Talent Solutions offers assistance in creating second half significance while enhancing faith-based nonprofit organizations ability to “accomplish daring Kingdom objectives.”

In 2010, Greg Barnes, founder of HALFTIME Talent Solutions, participated in a retreat at the Halftime Institute, a program dedicated to helping people discover their calling for second half significance. As an experienced recruiter working at the world’s largest executive search firm he immediately understood the void of professional recruiting services fulfilling this mission. He knew that the best way he could personally create significance in his second half was by starting a firm that focused on placing proven and passionate executives and leaders with Christian nonprofit organizations in need of executive expertise.

Recognizing his own opportunity for second half significance, Donny joined Greg in creating HALFTIME Talent Solutions just over one year ago. They have applied their expertise to the accomplishment of a mission greater than themselves. “We are very lucky to bring market experience, market intelligence, and passion to the work we do. For us, it is not just a job. It’s truly a mission. We do not leave it at the desk at 5pm – it’s a part of us,” shared Donny.

Through a combination of passion, experience and the right tools HALFTIME Talent Solutions experienced a 250% increase in year-over-year revenue. They had 40 successful placements during their first year in operation. Additionally, all searches have been completed in under 90 days.

Donny is the Director of Candidate Development and Research Operations.
He knew that in order to make that the greatest impact and achieve their mission objectives, using the best tools available would be imperative. Donny discovered Broadlook while researching a couple of solutions for his old company. After seeing Broadlook in action, Donny knew the Broadlook platform would enhance the way his previous firm did business. When Donny made the decision to join Greg at HALFTIME Talent one of the first tools he instituted was the Broadlook platform.

“When we started HALFTIME Talent Solutions it was imperative for us to contact the heads of nonprofit organizations and we utilized the Broadlook platform for sales and business development. We have also relied on it for our sourcing needs and brand awareness. It has been invaluable to us in this past year,” said Donny. “We just completed our first year of operations and here are just some of the successes I can attribute to Broadlook; the addition of several thousand new potential candidates, sources, and sales targets to our database. That has been such an incredible plus for us. Whether you are a retained or a contingent firm, Broadlook satisfies everything you are looking for.”

The education and training offered by Broadlook further distinguished the Broadlook platform for Donny.

“The customer service at Broadlook is impeccable. I do not think I have ever dealt with a more responsive company. The training department is always supportive, available and willing to do whatever it takes to increase the value of the tools. It is really incredible.”

About HALFTIME Talent Solutions:

Dedicated to helping successful executives into significant roles in the Christian nonprofit sector, HALFTIME Talent Solutions brings over 75 years of collective recruiting experience combined with deep passion to the challenge of matching nonprofits with dedicated leaders. HALFTIME Talent Solutions offers three distinct, but related, areas of client service for faith-based nonprofits at below market rates. Retained executive search for full time leaders and key management personnel needs, interim executive management services for short-term or temporary projects and talent solutions consulting and resources to improve nonprofit organizations’ recruiting and talent management process. If you are interested in learning more about HALFTIME Talent Solutions please visit their website at www.halftimetalent.com , call Donny directly at 214-468-9055 or email him at Donny@halftimetalent.com