Give It Up for Half Steppin’ – Internet’s Freshest Reality Show Craze

Posted on Aug 24, 2013

Reality show is one of the things that prove how art imitates life to the extremes. Truly, life is like a reality show. Life is adventure, travel, comedy all rolled into one. However, most people are engrossed in making a living instead of getting a life. Most often than not, people are into dealing with the demands of their work to the point that many forget how to unwind from time to time. For them, chilling out seems roblox hack cheats tool like a luxury they can’t afford. But truth be told, people need to let loose and relax sometimes just so they can strike the balance between business and leisure. That is why people should never let work and all the hassles life offers to take their toll on them. The reality show Half Steppin’ is all about doing all your work while still finding the time to relax and live your life the way you want it. Half Steppin’ – The New Definition Nick Shelton, one of the hosts of the show and the producer, was listening to the 1988 song by Big Daddy Kane – “Ain’t No Half-Steppin’”. He found the lyrics interesting, especially the phrase Half Steppin’. Curiosity took the better off him and he then started to look for the term’s definition. What he found out may have not pleased him as the term connotes doing something half-hearted, or not giving your full sincerity in your present endeavor. No wonder why he created his own definition of the term. He perceived Half Steppin’ as doing some random activity that breaks his monotonous routine every once in a while. Living in one’s own term while enjoying adventure, travel and comedy is important to keep one’s sanity, after all. Half Steppin’ – The Show Nick Shelton’s new definition of the term Half Steppin’ has paved way to a fresh idea translated into a reality TV show which he was hosting alongside Chris Caston. The title of the reality show goes by the same term, Half Steppin’. This reality show is a fresh one to ever growtopia cheat tool hit the World Wide Web. You need not worry about missing an episode of the show as you can watch it in your most convenient time at . It does not matter if you will watch it in the wee hours or in the late afternoon. It all depends on your free time and all you will ever need is a steadfast connection to the Internet. The reality show is a mixture of adventure, travel and comedy. These elements are evident in the seven episodes of Half Steppin’ which were shot at different countries. The four episodes of Half Steppin’ are shot in the prominent New York streets where they pulled hilarious pranks such as The Limo Party, The Panhandling Experiment, The Potato Salad Confidence Building Exercise and Wrestling the Homeless. On the other hand, the other three episodes featured travel to the exotic Dominican Republic wherein they had the Michael Jackson, I’m the Matador, You’re the Bull, and The Beach Vendor Physical Challenge episodes. If you have further queries about the show, you may simply send in an email through or call them on this share more details number – 303-995-9261 If you’d like to be up-close and personal with the people behind this show, you may look for Jerry Eddleman of Iron Fox Entertainment LLC at 2510 Taft Dr. #208, Boulder, CO 80302.